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Totem Books is excited to share exciting news!

Totem Books is excited to share exciting news!

The Totem Cafe has tripled its menu -and- is now offering delivery via UberEats! Featured is one of our new menu items that has quickly become a favorite: The J-Worth! Named in honor of Flint's prolific author, educator, activist, and Totem charm, Jan Worth-Nelson, this sandwich features a southwest vegetarian crumble (our take on a black bean burger, sauteed to a crumble), provolone and mozzarella cheeses, mixed greens, tomatoes, and sauteed onions with spicy aioli! We also have a another new addition called The J-Worth is our Green Gables sandwich with avocado and seasoned mixed greens and olive oil.
If you can't make it to Totem to try one of our new items, check us out on UberEats! UberEats allows you to order anything from our menu, and a driver will be dispatched to bring it to you-where ever you are!
With our additional seating, Totem has become an excellent space to host meetings, luncheons, and events! To book your next luncheon, contact Tyler or Bridgette at 810-407-6402!

About Totem Books

Totem is an independent bookstore and more! We are cultural curators looking to build community one person at a time. Bury yourself in our books and vinyl records and plant the seeds of your potential.

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- Totem Talks and live music performances and workshops
- Vintage T-shirts, pins, and other wearables
- Flint collectible's memorabilia, photos, postcards, & maps

We have many thousands of new and used books and vinyl records. Stop by our independently owned & operated bookstore conveniently located in downtown Flint across the street from the White Horse Tavern.

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Check out our fresh, healthy, and delicious food and beverages at Totem's Café. Made-to-order sandwiches and soups can be enjoyed in the midst of our multicultural art displays.

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